Are you on the correct rate?

We designed this page so that you can calculate the correct rate for your GRU nonresidential account(s). Being on the wrong rate could cost you large sums of money. We want to make sure you are protected from GRU predatory billing practices.

Pull up your most recent GRU bill. The GRU charges can be found on the second page of your bill. Then click enter to see if the GRU rate you are on is correct.

Electric Rate


Gas Rate



Electric customer charge:
The amount charged to you per meter each billing cycle. The amount is specified by your electric rate. Your current customer charge can be found under the Electric Service Details section on your bill. As of October 1, 2019, demand Customers pay $100.00 and Non-demand customers pay $31.00.

KWh Tier 1:
First 1500 kWh of usage. Used for non-demand rate. Charged at $0.0984 per kWh.

KWh Tier 2:
kWh usage after the first 1500 kWh. Used for non-demand rate. Charged at $0.1309 per kWh.

Energy use:
Total kWh usage. Used when on the demand rate

Electric demand:
Peak electric demand in kW or a minimum of 35 kW, whichever is greater.

Natural gas use:
Amount of natural gas used, measured in therms.

Natural gas customer charge:
The amount charged to you per natural gas meter. The amount depends on your natural gas rate. It can be found under the Gas Service Details section.

*This calculator is designed for GRU non-residential customers. If your customer charge is $15.00 or $14.25, you are classified as residential and this calculator does not apply you. This analysis will not reveal if GRU improperly denied you the residential rate.