What Are People Saying About Us?

The Following Testimonials Come From Community Leaders and Business Owners in the City of Gainesville.
We Helped Them to Achieve Lower Rates On Their GRU Utility Bills, and We Can Help You Too!

“Jim Konish showed me how our business lost thousands of dollars after our energy conservation efforts dropped us off a favorable electric rate without our knowledge.”

– Testimonial from Large Retail Business

“I am a small business owner in Gainesville.  After installing a solar hot water heating system, I was left on the wrong gas rate.  Thanks to Jim’s efforts, I now save at least $350 annually!”

– Testimonial from Hair Salon

“Jim Konish showed me how the GRU Utilty Tax represents a Bernie Maddoff Scheme.”

-Testimonial from Elected Official

“I was mad that after installing a solar hot water heating system, my savings were dissipated by being left on the wrong gas rate.”

– Testimonial from Small Business Owner

More testimonials to be added shortly by business owners in Gainesville and Alachua, FL

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