Consulting is a type of business service.  Consultants are those who have special expertise to advise and implement best practice in the areas of finance, marketing, management and IT.  There are many different consulting jobs.  Consultants can be solo or work for a consulting firm.  The benefits of being a solo consultant means that instead of answering to a boss, you answer to a client.  It also usually means that you can agree on more flexible hours.  With expertise often comes a higher wage.

Finance Consulting at GRUWhyPayMore

We initially requested that all of the GRU commercial customers bills were sent to us.  Then we performed an analysis of each account, using sophisticated coding algorithms that flagged up potential bill reduction areas.  This analysis enabled us to identify the commercial customers that would most likely benefit from our GRU bill saving services, based upon our previous experience in settling bill disputes in this area.  Then, we sent out mailers to our selection of customers, whilst promoting our services online to give all a chance to reduce their unfair GRU bills.

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