Business Services

There is much debate over the best definition of business services.  It gets even more confusing when the natural search algorithms produce searches related to service businesses, which is not the same as business services.

What Are Business Services Anyway?

Business ServicesBusiness services are services that businesses use everyday, such as bookkeeping, accounting, human resources and staffing, legal services, consulting, IT, logistics and shipping, marketing and advertising, and real estate and leasing.  Some of these services may be in-house, whereas others are outsourced to third-party independent contractors.

Other services may include postal services, client refreshments,  copy services, training and meeting rooms, purchasing discounts and others.

As every business has attached to it certain set of challenges – No one-size fits all!

Due to the highly-fragmented nature of the industry, the fact that businesses have different needs when it comes to business services, and the fact that the skills required to be successful in each of these fields are so different from the other areas, no company has grown large enough in the US to monopolize this industry.  Instead, there are many smaller companies, usually from one or a few of the niches, providing the relevant services to businesses.

What Services Do We Offer?

At GRUWhyPayMore we offer consulting services to the commercial customers of Gainesville Regional Utilities – helping them reduce their GRU bill and be given the refunds that they are owed!

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