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Gainesville is Grandslammed By
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Business Owners: Are you paying the wrong GRU rates?
Did you know… You could be legally entitled to a refund and lower bills?
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Electric Rates are Going DOWN
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About Your Independent GRU Rate Analyst


Jim Konish has been analysing GRU bills since 1996 and has identified multiple ways to reduce costs and get refunds. You are owed money – get your analysis here.


Jim Konish has been a member of the Florida Bar since 1980.  Should the need arise he can legally represent you and help you get the money you are rightfully owed!

Proven Results

Jim Konish has not only reduced costs for his own real estate business, but also for his clients.  Check out some of the many testimonials below:

  • “I am a small business owner in Gainesville.  After installing a solar hot water heating system, I was left on the wrong gas rate.  Thanks to Jim’s efforts, I now save at least $350.00 annually!”

    – Hair Salon

  • “Jim Konish showed me how our business lost thousands of dollars after our energy conservation efforts dropped us off a favorable electric rate without our knowledge.”

    – Large Retail Business

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How to Reduce Your
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With our years of experience and proven strategies, we will share our comprehensive review of your entire GRU bill, and determine:

Are you on the correct rate?
Is your deposit still being held?
Is your deposit an outrageous amount?
Were you taxed despite an exemption?
Are there multiple or faulty meters?
Have you been charged late fees?
Have you been charged for water leaks?

… and many other problems…

Yes, Show Me
How to Save Money!

​Send Me an Analysis of My
Commercial GRU Bill

​Or Contact Us: (​352) 328-8322

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