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  • “Jim Konish showed me how our business lost thousands of dollars after our energy conservation efforts dropped us off a favorable electric rate without our knowledge.”

    – Testimonial from Large Retail Business

  • “I am a small business owner in Gainesville.  After installing a solar hot water heating system, I was left on the wrong gas rate.  Thanks to Jim’s efforts, I now save at least $350 annually!”

    – Testimonial from Hair Salon

  • “I was mad that after installing a solar hot water heating system, my savings were dissipated by being left on the wrong gas rate.”

    – Testimonial from Small Business Owner

What Does My Analysis Contain?

A Record of Every Account on File
All Problems With the Bills
Gross Overcharge & Projected Savings

Our Comprehensive Analysis includes:
every single account you have with GRU, allowing you to see, at a glance, which accounts are having the most trouble.

For each account, we have all
Associated Problems Listed Clearly,
along with a short description to
help you better understand it.

We want to Reduce Your Expenses.  Our analysis shows two figures: 1) the amount you were overcharged the last three years, and 2) your estimated annual savings.  It also identifies potential refunds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our analysis of your GRU billing data is done exclusively for your benefit.  We aim to reveal the hidden pitfalls in GRU billing, and we want to convey this information to everyone, whether or not they are a client of ours.  The analysis we create describes all of the problems we found with your GRU bills in easy to understand terms and helps you to get a better idea of what we will be doing to remedy each problem.  Our analysis is offered completely free of charge, to allow you the opportunity to see first-hand the value in the service we provide.

  • We are in the business of saving you money on your GRU bills. Many times, GRU will put you on a rate that is unfavorable to your unique establishment, or charge you more than is proper. GRU billings are hard to decipher, and alternate options are often hidden away. We are experts in the intricacies of GRU billing, and we will examine your bills, and facility, and act on your behalf to put you on the most favorable rates, and sometimes get you a refund for past overcharges.

  • We have been studying GRU billings for over a decade, and have come to learn the common pitfalls that non-residential customers find themselves in when it comes to GRU rates and extraneous charges. We pull billing data straight from GRU, then run it through our proprietary algorithms that simulate different rate structures, as well as look for overcharges. The result is a detailed report on how much money we could be saving you.

  • Absolutely. Savings are often guaranteed. We keep all of our dealings with you strictly confidential, and we alone will be dealing with GRU on your behalf. While not legally obligated to put you on the correct rate from the get-go, GRU is obligated to heed requests to be put on different rates, with no repercussions or retaliation. Additionally, we have identified other areas of overcharge in which GRU would be legally obligated to refund to you. Make no mistake, we are not pulling these savings from thin air; this is money that you are entitled to.

  • Our service is completely free unless significant savings, or a refund, is obtained as a direct result of our intervention. Once a refund is obtained, we will retain a percentage of the total amount, negotiable on a case-by-case basis. After our service concludes, we will retain a percentage of the savings you experience on each monthly bill for a year after our service. We will monitor your bill during this time to see if there are any problems. To determine if a significant savings was achieved, each month’s bill will be recalculated with the old rates in order to ascertain the savings. In short, if we don’t save you money, you don’t pay us a dime.